The Kuna woman and their Molas

Going to Panama we quickly feel in love with the colorful geographic molas. Molas are the traditional artwork of the Kuna tribe. The Kuna are indiginous to Panama and it's neighbor Colombia and over the years they have managed to retain a lot of their native culture. The Kuna used to be a nomadic tribe so instead of statues or paintings they wore their artwork: the mola. 

The woman wear the molas on their torso's as part of their shirts. The woman are easy to spot because they are full of color usually also wearing patterned skirts, tops, and head scarves.

Their jewelry is long strands of beads they wrap around their wrists and ankles (called "winis".

Molas are handmade using a reverse appliqué technique where first layers of different-colored cloth are sewn together. The design is then formed by cutting away parts of each layer to reveal the fabric beneath.

We are in love with these textiles and see so many possibilities of how to use them. Pillows cases? Frame them as prints? Incorporate into a blanket? Or maybe add them to tops like the Kuna? Look out out for more mola items in the store soon.