Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.  But their magic sparkles in nature.

With two girls in the house we spend a lot of time thinking about fairies. And I can't blame my kids, because growing up I loved fairies too. I imagined them in my yard living under bushes and dancing on flowers. Believing in these creatures made the world feel more magical and I love seeing that in my children's eyes when they are outside searching for fairy houses or telling me they actually saw a fairy fly by. So I had to get them this book, which is a version of the same poems my mom read me when I was little. Along with the beautifully poetic and fun descriptions of flowers and plants, there are stunning illustrations which are the real star. The images of the fairies are just perfect and build a wonderful world any kid would love to be a part of.

Top image shows our copy of the book with our Pineapple Bloomer Set. Title of the post is a quote from Lynn Holland.