The best

We try really hard not to have too much "stuff" and the hardest part of achieving this kind of minimalism is the holidays. The oldest little in the family just turned 4 and her birthday was this last Saturday. On the invite we put "No presents necessary. Your presence is your present!" But come the day we were still left with a table full of thoughtful and generous gifts. While I of course appreciate any gift, I do find the need to gift very interesting. When I think we all feel like our kids have so many toys and we're battling to manage space in our homes I am fascinated that we feel so compelled to add items to another's home when they've said they aren't needed.

Our girl did get some lovely presents she is still playing with days later (score!). But the best gift was a bit of a surprise. There was a pretty bag with some pink tissue in it. I figured it would be another toy but once I actually looked inside it was a bottle of wine! Brilliant! The perfect "no present" present. Their daughter had colored and put stickers on a unicorn paper cutout that the birthday girl just loved. And the parents gave us a bottle of wine. It was a way for them to bring a gift without adding to the clutter.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our girl and for all the gifts as they all really were great. But an extra shout-out to our inventive friends for their unexpected adult gift.