Everybody get Hapi

We are still enjoying the newest of the items that entered our house over the holidays as Christmas gifts. And it's always interesting to see what items run their course quickly and which ones are valuable additions to our home.

With a musician in the family we are a group that enjoy music in almost any form. In the evenings you will often find us dancing to a playlist, or experimenting with the piano. Last year after our trip to Panama I bought a cajón for the girls that has been invaluable.

But the newest priceless addition is our Hapi drum. These have been on my radar awhile; ever since we experienced our first Hapi drum in the local park. A local man likes to sit in the park on weekends and play his drum and it always calls the children to it like he's the Piped Piper. The sound is sweet and twinkly and he always lets the kids have a turn if they are interested.

A Hapi drum (I bought this one) made it's way under the tree this year and I now pull it out whenever I need help managing crazy screaming or fighting kids. Both girls love it and it's very accessible. They can't break it and no matter how you play it it manages to sound nice and pretty.

If you're looking for a new addition to the home, get Hapi :)