Some info about our sizing

One of the reason we love our tie-strap dresses is that they are adjustable therefore can be worn for years. I wanted to give you an example from a recent photo shoot with our oldest. Our oldest just turned 4 and typically wears a 4T. Here she is in one of our Size 4 dresses which I think fits her just right as a dress.

But, she also loves the dress in the top cover photo and wanted to wear it so badly that I let her model it, and it's a Size 5. It's a little big on her but I was able to adjust the straps and it worked and she loved it. On the other end of things, she loved this Size 3 yellow dress so again, I was able to adjust the straps and it's a great top for her!

I haven't tried it but she might even be able to wear a Size 2 as a top. Items that last a while and can grow with my kids are really valuable. We hope when you purchase one of these dresses you and your kids can enjoy them for years to come!