Unicorns? I thought they only existed in fairytales

How many of you saw the strange and beautiful "The Last Unicorn" animated film from 1982 when you were kids? If you did you are familiar with the story by Peter S. Beagle. This film was part of my childhood but I probably haven't seen it for almost 25 years. But the imagery has always stuck with me.

As a mom with a 4-year old who is obsessed with unicorns I wanted to find an illustrated version of the book and I was thrilled when I found this beautiful graphic novel version.

The title of this post is the start of a quote from the beginning of the story where a pair of hunters are walking through the woods: "'Unicorns? I thought they only existed in fairytales. This is a forest, like any other… isn’t it?’ ‘Then why do the leaves never fall here? Or the snow? Why is it always spring here? I tell you there is one unicorn left in the world, and as long as it lives in this forest we’ll find no game to hunt here.'" The Unicorn living in the woods learns she may the last and starts a journey to try to find if there are still other Unicorns. It is a fantasy road-trip tale of sorts while the Unicorn picks up some friends along the way and faces challenges.

The book is beautiful and whimsical as it paints the picture of a magical fantasy world. But reading the book as an adult I realize that the themes are also dark and cover subjects like death and depression. I personally believe that children can be exposed to these subject as long as they are done in a way they can process and talk about them with their parents. To me, this book does that. My 4 year old is fascinated by it. She loves the pictures and while I don't believe she understands everything in the story, she is engaged with it and asks good questions. She doesn't find it scary but interesting and I love giving her mind things to chew on.

One note: I was able to get the book on Amazon used for much less than it is available now. But you never know, others might come up that are better priced!

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