We try to encourage creativity in our home and our girls really enjoy getting messy with their paints or drawing with their markers or crayon. So I am thrilled when I can combine our love of art with our love of reading! Two of our favorite art related books are Mix It Up! and The Dot.

Mix It Up! is an interactive and therefore very fun book about colors. The kids get to "mix" colors together with their fingers, by shaking the book, smooshing pages together, and more. They learn about primary colors, how to make colors lighter and darker, and also that art and painting is fun!

The Dot feels like an important book. It tells the story of a girl on a journey to believing in herself. In the beginning, the protagonist doesn't think she can draw. But a kind and supportive teacher encourages her to "make a mark" and from that mark she discovers a world of creativity. It's a beautiful message and a valuable one. Our oldest daughter currently is in a stage where her pictures can go "wrong" so quickly and the tears can be intense. It's important to remind our kids that it's not about being perfect or meeting a certain idea...the most important thing is just to create!

Title is a quote from The Dot. Books pictured with our Orange Cielo dress and this watercolor set.