About Us

Moppet Kids was dreamed up in the great lockdown of 2020 in Melbourne. 

As parents of a one year old we were constantly balancing our small home with the appropriate play equipment to foster learning and gross motor development. With one lounge, no playroom and an already tight galley kitchen we needed to reimagine some of the traditional Pikler and Montessori play equipment. 

With a Mechanical Engineering background and as a full time dad (Gavin was a rocket scientist before becoming full time carer for our little boy) Gavin set to work reengineering large and bulky items so they could fold flat and easily pack away, without losing any benefits. 

We're excited to share our products and believe space no longer has to be a consideration for you when purchasing play equipment for the little people in your life.

Emma and Gavin Davies Creators of Moppet Kids