The Moppet Board

Safety Guidelines


  • Start off on a soft surface. A playmat, carpet or thick (10-12mm) yoga mat is a good start. This slows the roller down and can provide a softer landing.

  • If you only have a solid surface (like floorboards) then we recommend also getting the small 5cm roller to begin with and ensuring you have a strong support to hold onto while getting used to the roller. 

  • Please use your discretion as to which surface is best to use your Moppet Board on. Moppet Kids does not assume any liability for damage done to flooring.

  • If you don't have a strong playmat you can look to get a cheap yoga mat from Big W or small carpet from Kmart just make sure it's high pile or tuffted.


  • Can be used by any age a parent deems competent however, it's most likely to suit children over 3 years old.

  • ALWAYS be close by your child when using The Moppet Board. The roller can roll out and children can easily fall off or pinch their fingers so keep a close eye on them and be within arms reach.

  • When starting out hold the board down with your hands so that it gives your child time to find their footing. Position their feet wider than hip-width apart - as wide as they can go whilst still maintaining control of their feet/weight distribution.

  • As they get used to tapping the board to each side (which is effectively the break/stopper) make sure you're holding them around the waist. You can progress up to holding their hands and then to just having hands out near by in case they need to grab on.

  • As your child practices they will get the feel of the roller and eventually be able to roll it side to side but please take it slowly and stay close by.


  • Again start on a soft surface if possible.

  • Ensure you have someone or something nearby for stablaisation. Holding someone else hands or using a table/benchtop will be sufficient.

  • Start off tapping the board side to side (whilst making sure your stablaiser is within close reach) and then you will get the feel of it and be able to work up to rolling side by side.

  • Please only use within exercise routines for moves approved by a qualified fitness professional that fall well within your capabilities.

  • Moppet Kids does not accept any liability for injuries incurred while using the Moppet Board so please ensure you're taking it slow and staying safe.

If you have any questions please reach out before purchasing your Moppet Board. You can reach us via the contact page or our social media 

    Please review our safety video prior to purchasing: